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If you own a residential property, chances are you’ll perform a large-scale repair or improvement every five or ten years. The first step of any such project is to have your property evaluated, ensuring that it’s up to code and in good shape. Once that’s done, you’ll need designers and engineers to create a design that’s safe, stylish, and affordable. 

If you need a residential structural engineer in the Charlotte, NC, area, come to CDR+A Structural Engineers. Our experienced team will give you service you can rely on.

Our Services

At CRD+A Structural Engineers, we know that a construction project is a large job with many different aspects. Many homeowners can be overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, we offer all the services you’ll need to get your project started, including: 

  • Structural evaluation
  • Structural design new construction
  • Addition & renovation design
  • Foundation repair evaluation
  • Framing evaluations
  • Contractor solutions

With these residential construction services, your project will go much more smoothly.

Our Experience

The trusted team at CDR+A Structural Engineers has years of experience in helping the people of the Carolinas attain the residential properties of their dreams. We’ve worked with realtors, contractors, homeowners, and everyone in between. Our broad range of experience allows us to serve you with confidence and reliability you won’t find elsewhere.

If you need a residential structural engineer for you project in Charlotte, NC, or a surrounding area, you’ve found your team. At CDR+A Structural Engineers, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service at the best price. If you’d like to learn more about our services or request a service, please call (980) 224-2237.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Your custom quote for CDR+A's inspection services includes a site visit by one of our engineers, an engineering report stamped by a Professional Engineer (acceptable for permitting, etc.), AND a plan for remediation of any issues we find, customized to your situation.

--Clinton Robertson, Owner/CEO, PE, LEED